Old Covenant (LAW) vs. New Covenant (GRACE) Timeline Chart...

Access to God, Forgiveness from God, and a Restored Relationship with God

"The Old Way (LAW) and the New Way (GRACE)"

Under the Old Covenant, how did the Nation of Israel receive forgiveness for their sins and restore their relationship with God? When did the New Covenant begin and how did this event and timing affect God's forgiveness and restoration to believers?

Answers to these and more can be seen in the following covenant-based resources: online website, chart, timeline, and PowerPoint slide show. Each resource visually depicts the flow of events and related activities focusing on the access to God, His forgiveness, and restoring a relationship with Him in both the Old Covenant and New Covenant.

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The online web pages and the PowerPoint Slide Show resource present a revealing, detailed description of the steps involved in the Old Covenant regulations and rules, to the New Covenant's reliance on the one-step act (i.e., the Finished Work and Grace) of Jesus on the Cross and His Resurrection.

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     Old v. New Covenant 
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God's Divine Plan for Mankind

For Jews and Gentiles; Then and Today

God has presented to us His Divine Plan of Redemption, one that is available to the Jew as well as the Gentile. A Plan that is detailed throughout the Scriptures--book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, story-by-story, and person-by-person. In actuality, the Bible is one continuous documentary of the struggles and triumphs of His people and the revelation of His promises and His plans.

Great for Sunday School/Bible Study/Small Group teachers or Bible students--the serious and the curious.  So, take a tour of the Bible via graphical timelines and discover (as others have) the precision and depth of the Bible as a roadmap to understanding the Bible more clearly thereby gaining understanding and awareness of God in a more personal way.

Each of the images below presents a specific historical period of Scripture in a timeline and timeslice format. Get a chronological perspective of major events along a horizontal timeline; get a categorical perspective from a vertical timeslice at a particular time period.

The first image below provides a summary or overview perspective of God's Divine Plan. Each of the images beneath it present a more detailed historical timeline and timeslice of the first image.

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       God's Divine Plan 
     (The Overview)
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The following charts provide considerable detail of:
"God's Divine Plan: The Overview"

The Deliverance

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Old Testament Period
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Intertestamental Period
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New Testament Period
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Continuation Era
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